Collaborations with foreign countries

Since its origin the Meeting has toured the world to tell its experience: Paris (Unesco), Wien, Moscow, Berlin, Budapest, Novosibirsk, Brussels, Madrid, New York, Washington, San Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, and Belo Horizonte. Moreover, in 2010 the first Cairo Meeting took place in Egypt from October 28 to 29. Some Egyptian Muslim personalities had attended the Rimini Meeting and had been struck by it and desired to propose the same experience in their own country, Egypt. Title: “Beauty: The Space of Dialogue.” The event had an unexpected success: 150 volunteers, Christians and Muslims, who have freely offered their work; more than 100 persons attending the inaugural evening at the Cairo University; on the following day hundreds of people attended the scheduled conferences and exhibitions. The Egyptian press defined the event as “a possible beginning for the society to be a protagonist.”

16 May 2011

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